I Can’t Let You Go, LEGO

Hey folks,

If you are anything like me -  and statistics indicate a great likelihood – you’ve been putting things together and tearing them apart from an early age.

Take blocks for example.  They are the very building blocks of block building.  And is there any better building block than LEGO?

Wikipedia is a playgound for the senses.  And an excellent source of fiber.  And photos, natch.

These things were easy to build with Legos.

As a wee little Buzzer, I enjoyed nothing more than snapping together the red, blue, white, and clear blocks to fashion a crude phaser.  No sooner would I dispatch a platoon of Romulans, then I would start prying the bits apart to create something new.  Probably one of those Space:1999 communicator/garage-door-opener doohickies.  ‘Member those things?  ===>

The LEGO virus has mutated and split in a lot of different directions since I was actively snapping and unsnapping.  The modular robotics components and film tie-in play sets they have produced are a pretty natural progression of the product.

The latest offering from LEGO, the Architect series seems aimed at adults who grew up with but never grew out of their LEGO phase.  The rather simply (some might say drably) colored sets allow you to recreate the Guggenheim Museum, the White House, and the Sydney Opera House to name just a few.  Or if you prefer to follow your own plan, the Architecture Studio set gives you 1200 pieces and the freedom to erect your own unique edifice.

Comes with a you see here.

Saul sold separately.

But as is so often the case in the World of Geekdom, the fans are finding unique and wonderful ways to hack the object of their obsession to truly make it their own.

The folks over at Citizen Brick are cranking out some very impressive accessories and minifigs which will fit nicely into any LEGO collection.  And they have outdone themselves creating a limited edition Superlab Playset to commemorate a very popular TV show.

Kudos to you, Citizen Brick!

The playset has sold out, but you can see some nice detail photos over here.

And speaking of Bricks – soggy ol’ Seattle  plays host to BrickCon in October 2013.  Billed as an event for “adult hobbyists,” the general public is invited to attend the exhibition and see what attendees have on display.

Seattle-area LEGO enthusiast* and national treasure Alice Finch blew the minds of myself and thousands of other Emerald City Comicon 2013 attendees with her model of Hogwarts Castle from the Harry Potterverse.

The video below will give you some idea of the scale and the scope of the work, but only up close can the intricacies be appreciated.

* “Enthusiast” hardly seems like a strong enough word.  “Virtuoso,” perhaps?