Hear my Quiz Time quiz over at The Perfect Bound Podcast

adamStrangeInFlightI submitted another quiz to the folks over at The Perfect Bound Podcast and they used it for this week’s Quiz Time segment.  The theme is Amorous Aliens, and looks at comic characters who sought love among the stars.

They made some tweaks and added a bit more background info, but that ain’t a bad thing.

Give it a listen and see what you think!

The quiz is at the end, but the whole podcast is quite fun and informative.

Give it a listen over on their site

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Sweet Christmas came early – LUKE CAGE is on his way

The new trailer for Marvel’s LUKE CAGE was just screened at San Diego Comicon, and has found its way onto YouTube.  It looks great and has some genuine OHHELLYES moments!

Check out the video below.

But within the cast list there is another nugget of heart-expanding joy.  The inclusion of a classic Marvel character from the 1970′s Misty Knight!

Ms. Knight, seen here punching stuff

Ms. Knight, seen here punching stuff

For those not in the know, Ms. Knight is a former NYPD officer injured on the job who goes on to become a bionic private detective. Using technology and kung fu, she gets stuff done.

Really hoping that they incorporate at least some of these elements into the live action version of the character.  Misty is one of my favorites, and deserves her own series on Netflix, IMHO!

Proper Lightsaber Maintenance – May the Fourth Be With You

Even a skilled Jedis can find themselves in a World of trouble when their Lightsaber goes on the fritz.

Luckily, the folks over at IFIXIT have expanded beyond their usual guides to repairing personal electronics.

Today they have expanded their tutorials to assist customers in a galaxy far, far away…


Zen & the Art of Lightsaber Maintenance

The IFIXIT Lightsaber Teardown  will assist Jedis of all shapes, sizes, and species in the proper care needed for their weapon of choice.

Live Long and Prosper, y’all!

Even More Christmas Music

Ever since 1999 I have been seeking out lost, forgotten, and unusual Holiday music and sharing it all with my friends.

Here’s a new collection of misplaced and in some cases, misguided Holiday tunes assembled for your enjoyment!

2014 X-Mas – Life of the Party

Below is a list of links to all the past playlist. Stream them, share them, enjoy them.

2013 X-Mas – chill


2011 X-Mas – The Song from Outer Space

2010 X-Mas – More Sleighbell

2009 X-Mas – Instant Snowflakes

2008 X-Mas Dec-A-Log

2007 X-Mas – NOG?

2006 X-Mas – X-Mas Freakout

2005 X-Mas – Spirit of the Season

2004 X-Mas – Bah Rump A Pum Pum Humbug

2003 X-Mas – Holiday Clearance

 2002 X-Mas – Bring Me The Head of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas

 2001 X-mas 60mg

2000 X-Mas – Naughty – ADULT LANGUAGE — NOT FOR KIDS!

1999 X-Mas – Journey Into the 21st Century

Happy Batday, Birthman!

Batman75_logoYes, the caped crusader who rules the night has been granted his own day.  In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, DC Comics will be distributing a free comic at comic shops and book stores.  There will also be commemorative masks and capes available, so if you are thinking about breaking into the crime-fighting game,  July 23rd may be the perfect time for you to spring into action.

There have been some wonderful tributes created to honor the old grump.  Below are a few of my favorites.

The first is a nod to Batman’s early days called Batman: Strange Days.  This short was put together by Bruce Timm, co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series – one of the finest renditions ever of the character, IMHO.

The next clip has an eye to the future.  It is from the Batman Beyond realm, wherein an elderly Batman has entered a mentor role, handing off the mantle to a younger hero.  Love the style and the tone of this series.  Seek it out, if you haven’t seen it.  This tale was plotted by comic great Darwyn Cooke.

Here’s a fun little feature with no real narrative.  An animated history of the Batman Logo.

Tech Cetera – Seattle Channel’s Cyber Show


Tech Cetera LogoThe good folks over at The Seattle Channel have developed a new program called Tech Cetera.

Tech Cetera “celebrates & showcases diverse & creative genius: from the big guys to the small startups.”

Tech Cetera

Tech Cetera host Natasha Jones discusses mobile apps with your humble narrator Buzzy.

And to my surprise and delight, I was invited to appear on the very first episode!  I’m there to discuss mobile apps developed by and for the good people of Soggy ol’ Seattle.

The program is hosted by Natasha Jones – she’s smart, funny, and I really enjoyed talking to her.  Prior to filming, we bonded over our shared fondness for the Oxford Comma and the comedy of Aisha Tyler.

Small world, ain’t it?

The first broadcast will be May 1 at 7:30 PST.  You can watch it live via their Web site.

Month of May-hem!!! Comics Everywhere

The merry month of May is nearly here, and boy is it PACKED with exciting comic book news.

Free Comic Book Day logoThe first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day!

Literally dozens of comic titles are producing FCBD editions for you to enjoy.  They range across a wide area of interests.

There are kiddie titles like Archie, Spongebob, and Hello Kitty.

archie_TNAll-ages fun is provided by Atomic Robo, Kaboom Summer Blast, and Rocket Raccoon.

And for the more mature readers, well just look for anything with a zombie, a big gun, or an exposed midriff on the cover.

Remember – don’t be greedy.
Some shops may put limits on the number of comics you can have.  This is done to ensure that no one goes home empty handed.  Why not take some friends along to trade and share comics with?

Heads Up for you Savvy Shoppers – many comic shops run sales on FCBD.  Support a local business and get a great deal on some graphic novels or other groovy merch.

To find a participating store in your area, enter you zip code into this handy store locator.

But wait!  There’s more….

So much more nerdy fun this month.  For instance:

  • May the Fourth (Be With You)
    Star Wars fans have adopted this day to be their own holiday.  Search the Web for activities near you, or just gather with friends for an old fashioned light saber battle.  After all, you have a lot to celebrate these days.
  • logansRunSci-Fi Film Festival @ the Cinerama
    If you are anywhere near Soggy ol’ Seattle in May, get thee to the Cinerama for a truly epic collection of science fiction films.12 Monkeys, A Clockwork Orange, Akira, Barbarella, Brazil, Fahrenheit 451, Fifth Element, Forbidden Planet, E.T., Logan’s Run, and about 2 dozen more of the greatest genre flicks ever, presented on the enormous 30-foot-high screen.
  • NEW Genre Films
    maleficentThere are three films premiering this month which are sure to grab the attention of geeks and nerds alike.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em you’ll be giving them you money either way.

    - May 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    - May 23, X-Men: Days of Future Past
    - May 30, Maleficent