Happy Batday, Birthman!

Batman75_logoYes, the caped crusader who rules the night has been granted his own day.  In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, DC Comics will be distributing a free comic at comic shops and book stores.  There will also be commemorative masks and capes available, so if you are thinking about breaking into the crime-fighting game,  July 23rd may be the perfect time for you to spring into action.

There have been some wonderful tributes created to honor the old grump.  Below are a few of my favorites.

The first is a nod to Batman’s early days called Batman: Strange Days.  This short was put together by Bruce Timm, co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series – one of the finest renditions ever of the character, IMHO.

The next clip has an eye to the future.  It is from the Batman Beyond realm, wherein an elderly Batman has entered a mentor role, handing off the mantle to a younger hero.  Love the style and the tone of this series.  Seek it out, if you haven’t seen it.  This tale was plotted by comic great Darwyn Cooke.

Here’s a fun little feature with no real narrative.  An animated history of the Batman Logo.