Hear my Quiz Time quiz over at The Perfect Bound Podcast

adamStrangeInFlightI submitted another quiz to the folks over at The Perfect Bound Podcast and they used it for this week’s Quiz Time segment.  The theme is Amorous Aliens, and looks at comic characters who sought love among the stars.

They made some tweaks and added a bit more background info, but that ain’t a bad thing.

Give it a listen and see what you think!

The quiz is at the end, but the whole podcast is quite fun and informative.

Give it a listen over on their site

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Truth in a Masquerade

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These are some things that I made. Some time near the end of the 20th Century, I was involved in a production of The Scottish Play (Google it, kids.  Self-education is very rewarding!)  Some how some member of the production had gotten their hands on bags and bags of scrap leather.  Don’t ask me how. […]

Hammer Time

ACME, natch.This is something that I made.

Several years ago, Mrs. Me starred in a deconstruction/ vaudeville called “What Have They Done to Baby Jane?”

Spoiler Alert!
At a pivotal point in the show, the maid is beat down on with a hammer.

A few weeks before the show opened, Mrs. Me handed over a yoga block and said, “can you make something that looks like a hammer, but is safe to knock against someone’s noggin?”

I said, “can I use the whole block?”

not brand echhSeveral hours and one bread knife later, this blunt but harmless object revealed itself.

I quite enjoyed making it, and the scene always got a big laugh.