Comics You Really Should Be Reading

This is something that I made.

And it is one of my favorite things that I have made.

Several years ago, I was asked to appear on The Stay Up Late Show to discuss comic books and the upcoming Emerald City Comicon.  I am pretty well-versed on both topics, but I didn’t want to show up empty-handed.

I decided to make a primer to help folks who are new to comics find their way.  And I figured if I got too far off track during the interview, I could always go to the reference materials.

So I created this guide using an application called Comic Life, printed up a bunch, and handed them out to the crowd.

I am pretty proud of the guide.  It has a lot of good information, which is general enough that it shouldn’t get stale. And with the advent of digital publishing, the books and writers discussed are even easier to access.

And as an avid comic book reader, it was fun to make a comic book about comic books.  Meta, right?

You can read the full guide using the gallery below, or download the PDF.

The interview went really well and was a lot of fun, so I didn’t really need the guide after all.  But at the end of the evening as I was leaving, I saw audience members studying the pages and discussing the comics, which I found quite gratifying.