The Saga of Rex – Another Comic You Really Should Be Reading

REX_red_600wtdThe Saga of Rex by Michel Gagné is one of the most enjoyable things I have read in a long time.  But to say I read it seems like a misstatement, since the story is told almost entirely with pictures, not words.

And what amazing pictures.  Gagné is a wonderful artist and the worlds he opens up for the reader are stunning, enticing, and charming.

My words certainly can’t improve on the work he as done, so I have included some sample pages from the story.

Hoping to expand the world of Rex, Gagné is working on turning the story into an animated feature.  Below you’ll find some video of the project so far.  You can learn more about Rex and the other works of Gagné over on his Web site.

All images are property of Michel Gagné