Artist Spotlight: James Hance


Hance’s WOOKIE THE CHEW blends the works of AA Milne and G Lucas.

The term “mash-up” has become pretty common vernacular in recent years.

The technology available to even casual users is sophisticated enough to make it relatively easy to amalgamate disparate things to produce a new and unique creation.


Pilfered from Shopped Sci-Fi

Such as  this delightful depiction of Abe Lincoln as a Ghostbuster. He ain’t afraid a no ghosts, nor no secessionists.

Or this improbably wonderful blending of Nine Inch Nail’s “Head Like a Hole” with last summer’s ubiquitous pop hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Shouldn’t work, totes does.

But these accomplishments pale in comparison to the efforts of James Hance, a fine artist who’s remarkable skills with paint and brush raise the level of mash-up to, well, to an artform!

Not only does Hance meet the mash-up criteria by mixing Doctor Who with the Iron Giant, or Star Wars with Hitchcock, but he also does a remarkable job of honoring and recreating the styles of classic artist like Picasso, Munch, and Rockwell.

Humorous, heartwarming, deftly executed – his talent and playfulness are in deed a marvel to behold.

Prints of all of these wonderful images, and many more, are available for a mere $15.

Artist Spotlight: Paul Michael

JakeRingUPDATE: it has come to my attention that artist Paul Michael has shut down his Facebook page and Etsy shop.  However, you can now find his work at this Marketplace site.


You’ve probably already seen the handiwork of Paul Michael.

His jewelry has made him Internet Famous!

The first piece I remember seeing online was an engagement ring he was commissioned to make that looks like Jake from Adventure Time.  That. Is. Terrific!

His recent follow-up was a highly detailed depiction of Han Solo, frozen in Carbonite and small enough to fit on your finger.

underdogRingMichael is an imaginative designer, and has many clever designs over on his Facebook page. My favorites are a colorful Captain America inspired band, and a fanciful but spot-on mock-up of Underdog’s Super Energy Pill concealing finger dangler.

The Han Solo ring is now available on Michael’s Etsy site, along with several other Star Wars themed pieces.


All photos property of Paul Michael

Artist Spotlight – Yuko Shimizu

DJ Geisha by - Yuko Shimizu

DJ Geisha

Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in New York City who also teaches at the School of Visual Arts.

She has a remarkable style, often blending classic Japanese motifs with modern pop cultural references ranging from Sci Fi movies to super-heroes to Rock and Roll.

Lush lines, evocitave color choices, and seemingly incongruous themes are all hallmarks of her work.

Mexican Exhibition Poster

Mexican Exhibition Poster

Her Web site features work she has done for corporate clients, major magazines, and book covers, including the DC Comics series The Unwritten.

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