Making Memories – Cards for my Pop

Last summer my pop turned 80 years old.

imageThe only thing he wanted for his birthday was a Felix Hernandez bobblehead commemorating the Mariners pitcher’s perfect game. Turns out, they don’t sell those things in stores. That lil’ number was only available at the game.

A game I hadn’t attended.

So after a lot of Web searches, phone calls, and a clandestine meeting in an actual alley where money changed hands -Felix acquired!

I share this story to illustrate two points. My pop is s huge baseball fan and he’s kinda hard to shop for.

With Christmas fast approaching, I was struggling to come up with something beyond tie and sweater territory.

Then I stumbled across Rookies sports card app. This thing is terrific!

The mobile app is extremely easy to use, and comes with more than a dozen card templates. Customize the colors, drop in your photos, and add your own text to personalize your pack.

I had a good pic of pop on my phone, so I made a quick “Number One Fan” card and saved it in the app.

Then I started to think of other family photos I had that might be fun to add to the pack. I had a shot from his Navy days. And one from a family visit to Mt. Rushmore. And a couple of snaps from his wedding day seemed like a nice add.

The cards arrived a few days before Christmas, and when my pop saw them he was really surprised and delighted. They looked and felt like genuine sports cards, but they chronicled many of the high points of his life.
The folks at Rookies have my sincere gratitude for helping make such a special holiday memory.