booooTunes – Tricks, Treats, and Scary Beats

Hello fiends,

I’m not usually one to go in for themey-themey posts.  But, as this is the eve, of the eve, of All Hallow’s Eve (or there abouts)  I thought you might enjoy a little music of the season… Of the Witch!

I’ve compiled for your amusement thirty tracks of audio treats for you to enjoy at your late October office party, coven convocation, or lodge meeting.

And before you ask, NO – Monster Mash is NOT included.  We here at Buzzlab Industries are a LITTLE tired of Monster Mash being the go-to song for Halloween.  Time for some fresh blood.


Obligatory seasonal clip art

Obligatory seasonal clip art

I put this playlist together using a wonderful online service called Grooveshark.

There are quite a few music services out there, but for me Grooveshark is the clear winner.

First of all, it is free to use.  Search for songs and artist, play them all you like.  Doesn’t cost you a dime.  And if you want to save playlist and share them with friends, all you have to do is create a user account, which is also free.  If you already have a Twitter or Google log-in, you can join using one of those.

And Grooveshark makes it extremely easy to share songs or playlists on a wide variety of social media platforms, and as an embeddable player on a Web page. Ta-Da!

So dive in, look around, and if you come up with any cool playlist of your own, let me know.

And for all you hardcore Halloweeners out there who can’t live without it, here – have yourself some Monster Mash.